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SlapBracelet [Feature]


Buried in the synth-heavy 80s and the modern fashion throwback to that era is the aptly titled SlapBracelet. The band is a recent transplant to the San Jose area by way of Seattle (well… at least one member was a recent local here). Their song “Sophisticated Lady” is a clash of 80s-synth and modern electronic hype, what they dub electrock. The name is fitting; it’s very much a modern interpretation of the more electronic side of two-and-a-half decades ago.

The band is fairly new, having arrived in the social arena known as MySpace as late as September of this year. Yet already SlapBracelet is defining themselves as skilled architects of the remix, having pumped out an expert remix of “Oh Yeah!” by Kennedy. “Sophisticated Lady” is one of two current demos, the second of which is “Hello Love”. Check out “Sophisticated Lady” below: you won’t be disappointed…

SlapBracelet: Sophisticated Lady [mp3]
[audio:091117-slapbracelet-sophisticated_lady.mp3|titles=Sophisticated Lady|artists=SlapBracelet]

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