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Charles Leo Gebhardt IV: Unfaithful [Album Review]


In defining folk rock, one rarely sees an association made with rockabilly. But it’s a pertinent inclusion in the music Charles Leo Gebhardt IV makes. On his recent GGNZLA Records EP, Unfaithful, it’s the jangle in his guitar – that almost country sound that definitely fits the rock genre (as opposed to jangle pop). “Look Out, Look In” and “Better At Love” have that old-time 50s rock feel, which fits the rockabilly persona, but it’s not nearly as rockin’ as some of those artists tend to be, hence the folk.

Five tracks chiming in at just over twelve minutes; that’s what you get, at the most fact-based of levels. But as aesthetics go, Unfaithful is a marvelous display of easy-to-love, well-written tunes. These songs have a certain currency, yet they’re rooted in the origins of rock music. You can hear their modernity in title-track “Unfaithful”, yet “King Of The Mountain” could just as easily have been released half a century ago. Bridging that gap is what makes Charles Leo Gebhardt IV such a true artist.

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV: Lake Serene [mp3]
[audio:091117-charles_leo_gebhardt_iv-lake_serene.mp3|titles=Lake Serene|artists=Charles Leo Gebhardt IV]


GGNZLA Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Look Out, Look In
2. Lake Serene
3. Better At Love
4. King Of The Mountain
5. Unfaithful

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