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Hyperstory: Hyperstory [Album Review]

Hyperstory Album

Hyperstory‘s self titled debut album is something that hasn’t been heard in a good while – a bit of mystery. A strange sense of funk soul inspiration over songwriting stamina is ever present and ever-ready throughout this album. The drawing of so many musical backgrounds is a key factor in the purity and brilliance in this album.

At certain points of the disc, it seems like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. The intensity of tracks like “Sleeping Lions” or “Parade Rest” will keep your head shaking before the drum lines finish. But slowing down the pace is the well-orchestrated and obviously necessary track “You Started Thinking Again, Didn’t You?” But, no Hyperstory tracks are complete without a strong sense of reverence, and no matter how quick or slow the rabbit runs, energy is never absent from this triumphant album.

L.A. based Scott Blevins does a wonderful job with not only the development of Hyperstory, but the recruiting of massive talent to help out. Artists like Deron Johnson (Seal, Miles Davis), Chris Charney (Jane’s Addiction), and Joey Waronker (Beck) know how to back a guy up. And they do an absolutely fantastic job at pushing the Hyperstory message a bit further into history.

[CD, 2009]

1. Prelude
2. A Happening
3. Something Good
4. Mandate
5. Will It Ever Change
6. Ascension
7. Home
8. A Reckoning
9. End Story

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  1. p.s. song titles in second paragraphy, a bit of a mix up in the transfering from paper to type – read the same but replace song titles in this order:

    “A Happening”
    “Will It Ever Change”

    i apologize.

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