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Jeff The Brotherhood: U Got The Look [Video]


Heavy Days by Jeff The Brotherhood may be my sleeper album of the year. It comes and goes, leaving and re-entering my playlist on a moment’s notice. And with each new re-entry, it stays a bit longer and I get a little more blown away. It is garage rock to the max; the band consists of powerful rock guitar riffs and rock-your-face-off drums. That’s it. The latest from JTB is a video for track 2 off Heavy Days, “U Got The Look”. It’s got a retro early music video style and just features the band playing with various green screen effects. And it’s beautiful… yes, beautiful.

Heavy Days is out now on Infinity Cat Recordings.

Jeff The Brotherhood: Bone Jam [mp3]
[audio:091102-jeff_the_brotherhood-bone_jam.mp3|titles=Bone Jam|aritsts=Jeff The Brotherhood]

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