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Golden Ages [Feature Band]

Golden Ages

Philadelphia’s Golden Ages dub themselves as creators of psychedelic pop, and that would be an adequate description. But it would also be incomplete. Their songs certainly possess elements of the psychedelic; however, there’s a lot going on in each tune that also pulls in everything from electronics to experimentation. Take, for example, the closing track of their new EP Sitting Softly In The Sea, “Everything Will Be Alright”. There’s more electro-pop here than psychedelic pop. The same can be said about opener “Here We Are At Sea”, but the focus is instead on experimentation. And “The Whale” mixes all three.

Seeing this band as being friends with Candy Claws, who we wrote up earlier this year, it all begins to make sense. Golden Ages is a part of a growing movement of electro-psychedelic pop groups influenced by the likes of Panda Bear and Animal Collective. While some go the route of The Dodos (i.e. Netherfriends), artists like Candy Claws and Golden Ages live fully in the electronic universe, where they build consistency out of the avant-garde. You can hear it in the earliest moments of “Here We Are At Sea”, as the noise turns into a pleasant melody and mesmerizing vocals. And you can hear it in “The Whale”.

Yeah, there’s some guitar here, but a lot of it stems from a laptop with synths. Then there’s the percussion, an array of items found here and there. Each song is crafted using a computer; but, they do a good job keeping things fairly organic. You can hear it throughout Sitting Softly In The Sea. Whatever direction Golden Ages take a song, their ability to convey cosmic soundscapes with their music is on par with the greats. This is absolutely a band to keep an eye on as we dive into 2010.

Golden Ages: Everything Will Be Alright [mp3]
[audio:091029-golden_ages-everything_will_be_alright.mp3|titles=Everything Will Be Alright|artists=Golden Ages]

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