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The Fenbi International Superstars Visit Seattle


What is a band of Irish/worldly gypsy storytellers to do when they reside in one of most musician filled small cities in the world? Well, you probably need to be creative in your displays of talent. And The Fenbi International Superstars have been doing just that in Portland for some time. Their live shows are unparalleled to the often drowsy and depressing rain-based tunes you are likely to hear on any corner of the home for fugitives and refugees. Unlike your average roselander musicians (though each member is not scared to rep Port Townsend as well), these guys are fun! And many fans would attest to the fact that these worldly artists have conquered their hometown. So what’s next you say? Well, obviously that would have to be the Emerald City.

Yes, our favorite Irish American brethren are heading up I-5 to spread their joy to others (for FREE, as they always selflessly do for the good people of the world). Seattle is in for a real treat with this invasion of free-wheeling manic good-timers. It’s been close to two years since their last trek up north; with their debut studio album in the works, it is about time they got a move on. The Fenbi International Superstars are the epitaph for the new hope. Their absolutely splendid aura strangely exudes excellence as they combine the powers of talent and delirium into every ounce of their being. And like the peak of an Oxycontin trip, Fenbi will be make you feel good. So be thankful.

The Fenbi International Superstars will be performing at Redline in Seattle on Saturday, October 24th.

The Fenbi International Superstars: The Italian Song [mp3]
[audio:091020-fenbi-italian_song.mp3|titles=The Italian Song|artists=The Fenbi International Superstars]

The Fenbi International Superstars: Perrils Of Drink [mp3]
[audio:091020-fenbi-perrils_of_drink.mp3|titles=Perils Of Drink|artists=The Fenbi International Superstars]

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