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Camera Obscura: The Sweetest Thing [Video]

Camera Obscura

It is no secret that I have what some would clinically deem an unhealthy fascination with that we call the moustache. I’ve sported one for several years now; it’s red. Well the latest video from Camera Obscura finds the band’s mastermind, Traceyanne Campbell, doing the same. Yeah, it’s fake (of course), but that doesn’t matter. Like all Camera Obscura videos, this one features a unique little storyline both fun and creative.

“The Sweetest Thing” is off Camera Obscura’s latest, My Maudlin Career, their first release on 4AD and follow up to 2006’s Let’s Get Out Of This Country. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re in store for greatness. This is the (to my knowledge) third single from the release, following the exceptional tracks “My Maudlin Career” and “French Navy”.

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