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The Sweet Serenades: On My Way [Track Review]

The Sweet Serenades

The demeanor of these two Swedish gents is a bit misleading, in their rugged jeans and flannel shirts. The facial hair and lumberjack tools don’t help their case. Contrary to the cover of Balcony Cigarettes, by The Sweet Serenades, the music is a clash of Swedish power pop and new wave indie pop. “On My Way” masterfully features pointed guitar riffs and plenty of cowbell. The quivery vocals have a minute glam vibe to them, which merely heightens the song’s greatness. The Sweet Serenades are definitely among Sweden’s top ten bands to keep an eye on!

“On My Way” is from The Sweet Serenades’ new LP, Balcony Cigarettes, out now on Leon Records.

The Sweet Serenade: On My Way [mp3]
[audio:091002-the_sweet_serenades-on_my_way.mp3|titles=On My Way|artists=The Sweet Serenades]

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