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National Beekeepers Society: Pawn Shop Etiquette [Album Review]

National Beekeepers Society

The National Beekeepers Society‘s style is sort of rough around the edges, but sets itself over happy-go-lucky melodies. It’s been done before, and can create a rather sketchy scenario. But, their album Pawn Shop Etiquette is proof that these guys have mastered where so many have failed. They deep sea dive into the vast “sort of punk, but not really” ocean that can be devastating and as dried up as Dennis Miller’s sense of humor.

The tone of intensity throughout the album is set by the opening cut “Look At Me” which is rougher and more raw than a flaccid christian after a dry humping session. “Upon The Hills Of Georgia” is a strange piece that seems to be obviously inspired by the likes of The Doors. These guys break free from any certain genre or stereotype that could apply. Fast, slow, faster, stop. This seems to be the clever pace they have set for themselves. And it sure seems to be working.

National Beekeepers Society has the sound that your poet roommate would find brilliant. They’re very different than your typical punk-influenced band due to what seems to be an actual respect for their elders and the groundbreaking work laid out previous to their existence. In fact, the only true “punk” aspect that could really fit these guys would have to be the attitude in their lyrics, which (let’s face it) is usually the only highlight in the brand anyway. And they loaded Pawn Shop Etiquette with wonderful (and mostly audible!) words of encouragement and enough disaster to earn themselves an alternative punk standing of great integrity.

National Beekeepers Society: Look At Me [mp3]
[audio:090929-nbs-look_at_me.mp3|titles=Look At Me|artists=National Beekeepers Society]

Pawn Shop Etiquette by National Beekeepers Society

[CD, 2008]

1. Look At ME
2. Lazy
3. Given In
4. Sixty-Five
5. Upon The Hills Of Georgia
6. Suburbanite
7. Don’t Go Takin’
8. So Hardcore
9. Orange Is For Apathy
10. Fall Of Rome
11. People’s Temple
12. Confidence
13. Pawn Shop Etiquette

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