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Fredrik: Locked In The Basement [Track Review]


When a new track or upcoming release is announced noting the master duo Fredrik and Lindefelt, be it their original project The LK (or known earlier as The Lovekevins) or the full group simply named Fredrik, the question is not whether they will deliver, it’s how much. Na Na Ni, to prove a point, was my #1 album of 2008. They return now with the upcoming sophomore release, Trilogi, once again to be released on The Kora Records.

If there were any doubt that this band were the purveyors of some of the greatest works in pop music today, let it be dispelled now. “Locked In The Basement” equals the tops from Na Na Ni, like “Black Fur” and “Evil and I”. As a matter of fact, it has the ability to surpass many of them with the test of time.

What makes Fredrik such a powerful artist? It’s part passion, part experimentation, and a massive quantity of harmony. Their music is synonymous with the soothing calm of waves that crash gently upon a rocky beach, of wind that breathes softly upon wheat fields, of the tranquility found in the early morning after a fresh snowfall. It is synonymous with beauty.

Fredrik: Locked In The Basement [mp3]
[audio:090918-fredrik-basement.mp3|titles=Locked In The Basement|artists=Fredrik]

Trilogi by Fredrik

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