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Chad VanGaalen: Soft Airplane B-Sides

Chad VanGaalen

B-sides are supposed to be throw-away tracks, the rejects that didn’t make the cut. But the majority of the tracks Chad VanGaalen classifies as such are worth much more than that nerdy kid picked last in 4th grade gym class.

“Stuffed Animal” may begin with a strange and awkward beginning, but as it progresses, VanGaalen churns out an unforgettable melody. And that harmonica solo on “Microscopic World” comes damn close to reaching the near perfect electronic notes that dominate “TMNT Mask”.

These songs would fit right in on Soft Airplane, as they all feature that same quivering voice entirely unique to VanGaalen. He’s obviously at his best when that synth comes into play, like it “Pyramids Float”.

Then again, it’s not really surprising that these songs are so great. After all, Soft Airplane was the surprise of 2008, capturing a #4 spot in my best of 2008 list.

Chad VanGaalen: Stuffed Animal [mp3]
[audio:090918-chad_vangaalen-stuffed_animal.mp3|titles=Stuffed Animal|artists=Chad VanGaalen]

Soft Airplanes B-Sides by Chad VanGaalen

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. Stuffed Animal
2. Are You Sleeping?
3. Microscopic World
4. Soak In Visions
5. Pyramids Float
6. Twisting Magic Up
7. Did You Find Peace?
8. I Wish I Was A Dog
9. Corvette

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