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The Cave Singers: At The Cut [Track Review]

The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers debuted back in 2007 with Invitation Songs, an album packed with power folk tracks like “Dancing On Our Graves” and “Seeds Of Night”. These songs were inundated with an ancient folk sound, tinged with rock. “At The Cut”, the first single off their sophomore release Welcome Joy, maintains selections from that early sound, but the emphasis now is rock tinged with folk.

Despite fairly significant changes in style and perhaps even songwriting, “At The Cut” keeps those core elements that made Invitation Songs so great. Pete Quirk still dishes out vocals that sound as though they’ve recently survived the dust bowl era, downtrodden but still packed with significant soul. Derek Fudesco (ex Pretty Girls Make Graves) charges forward with intricate guitar riffs.

This song is everything Invitation Songs was, but taken up a notch to be in-your-face powerful.

Above photo by Fense at Capitol Hill Block Party in 2007.

The Cave Singers: At The Cut [mp3]
[audio:090825-the_cave_singers-at_the_cut.mp3|titles=At The Cut|artists=The Cave Singers]

Welcome Joy by The Cave Singers

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