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War Tapes: The Continental Divide [Album Review]

War Tapes Band

Yes, War Tapes sound a bit like The Killers. Yes, they seem to be an 80’s influenced bunch of glam rockers. But, look past your pretentious preconceptions for one moment. Then just listen. These guys rock. And they rock steady. The Continental Divide is an album of pure POWER, as well as grace. If you stop to look for their originality, it will be bloody obvious.

There is no reason that “Dreaming Of You” should be the breakout hit for War Tapes. “Use Me” makes sense. But, both of these tracks will inevitably be huge. But, it’s the whole picture of this album that is ultimately the most impressive. There is no logic or structure within the entire package. Just 11 interesting and beautiful songs for your listening pleasure. They just don’t slow down. And that’s just fine.

What band actually has a secret song anymore? Well, these guys do! Just another example of how damn cool this L.A. based band of glamorous gypsies really are. They are a torn leather jacket on a midnight beach. They are a muscle care littered with INXS stickers cruising down your favorite strip. This is intense rock n roll. All that is all that really matters. And The Continental Divide is an extremely noteworthy portrayal of what a steady pop rock band can do if they really give a damn.

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The Continental Divide by War Tapes

Sarathan Records [CD, 2009]

1. The Night Unfolds
2. Dreaming Of You
3. She Lied
4. Start Again
5. Use me
6. All The World’s A Stage
7. Mind Is Ugly
8. Rightfully Mine
9. Air Filled Romance
10. For Eternity
11. Fast Lane

2 thoughts on “War Tapes: The Continental Divide [Album Review]”

  1. Pure power? Real rock and roll? Did we listen to the same album?

    “The Continental Divide” is badly mixed, the vocals are weak, and while I do like the tunes themselves, the lyrics are ridiculous, and the band has no concept of balance. Not to mention, they’re absolutely horrible live.

    If you want to listen to something that *is* what you described in this review, give Tiger Army a listen. Decent lyrics, better vocals, and a better concept of how to balance those vocals against their backing band.

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