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The Zookeepers: Darling [Video]

The Zookeepers

I’m usually opposed to covering videos which simply show the band performing their song unless there’s something unique about the performance — say, like a special live version or video session. Initially I thought “Darling” by The Zookeepers would be the former; after all, it’s the band performing their song… sort of. But not really. It’s just a group of kids dicking around on the beach with instruments and fireworks. And boy does that bring back memories.

When it comes down to it, “Darling” is pretty genius. It’s what old people like me (on the verge of 30) think of when we ponder the destructive home videos teenagers make. It is our vision of a youth unrestricted, with an overabundance of time at hand. Now whether this is their typical pastime, I do not know. But playing off the mass popularization of DIY video, even if unintentional, works for me.

The Zookeepers style of rock fits a raucous garage punk filled with hints of sarcasm and noise. It’s a sound that fits the late-teen, early twenty-something generation perfectly. There’s angst in there, and a fair share of believed immortality that would make even someone who fit that age group a mere five to ten years ago cringe with fears for safety. But I guess it takes a band like The Zookeepers to remind someone like myself that there’s joy in being young. And thirty isn’t really all that old.

The Zookeepers recently released a new LP titled Ballin’ Outrageous. “Darling” wasn’t on this album, but after giving it a quick listen, I’d say it’s well worth checking out. It features wild experimental noise filled with screamed vocals (“Ballin’ Outrageous”) and soft experimental pop (“Bubbling Brine”). “Fat Tax” even gave me a flashback to Partman Parthorse.

The Zookeepers: Darling [mp3]
[audio:090818-the_zookeepers-darling.mp3|titles=Darling|artists=The Zookeepers]

The Zookeepers: Bubbling Brine [mp3]
[audio:090818-the_zookeepers-bubbling_brine.mp3|titles=Bubbling Brine|artists=The Zookeepers]

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