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Le Loup: Beach Town [Track Review]

Le Loup

It’s been two long years since any news has come forth from the Baltimore collective Le Loup, fronted by the once tormented Sam Simkoff. Two years is a very long time — enough time for maturity to progress, lifestyles to change, personalities to evolve. And that’s what we’re given with the first single off Le Loup’s upcoming sophomore LP, Family; a sound that holds the vibrant avant-garde nature of Le Loup’s debut, but metamorphosed into something that would ultimately make Darwin proud.

“Beach Town” is the perfect example of evolution. The song has an iron grip on select traits from Le Loup’s debut, let’s just call it The Throne for short, but it also strays freely from those sensibilities. Le Loup continues down the path of experimental folk-pop, but wraps it in a cool equatorial, tribal beat. Simkoff drowns his vocals in reverb (a style similar to the latest by Papercuts), and drops in a cool upright bass-line.

Where The Throne was filled with dismal instrumentation and vocals of a demon tormented man, “Beach Town” may begin with jungle sounds and a hidden scream, but it quickly gives way to a sound much more upbeat. That, combined with the consistent fullness of “Beach Town”, in which the instrumentation fills every moment, is what makes Le Loup’s progression and evolution so riveting.

Hardly Art will release Family on September 22.

Le Loup: Beach Town [mp3]
[audio:090814-le_loup-beach_town.mp3|titles=Beach Town|artists=Le Loup]

Family by Le Loup

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