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Vivian Girls: When I’m Gone [Track Review]

Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls‘ self-titled LP from 2008 was damn catchy. Listening again to songs like “All The Time” and “Tell The World”, I’m immediately rewarded with the garage-centric punk-pop style I absolutely adore. But Vivian Girls have a new one coming out soon, a new one called Everything Goes Wrong. The album’s title contrasts perfectly with the first single, “When I’m Gone”, as, despite the greatness of Vivian Girls, this is the group’s most accomplished song yet.

“When I’m Gone” features added production, which lends to both the instrumentation and the vocals; it’s less DIY and less raw than pretty much anything off Vivian Girls. And while those were two elements that made that album great, the progression means great anticipation for Everything Goes Wrong.

Everything Goes Wrong hits this September via the excellent label In The Red.

Vivian Girls: When I’m Gone [mp3]
[audio:090813-vivian_girls-when_im_gone.mp3|titles=When I’m Gone|artists=Vivian Girls]

Everything Goes Wrong by Vivian Girls

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