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Thunder Power: And Everything After [Album Review]

Thunder Power Band

Thunder Power’s EP Love Yourself… was filled with infective pop songs that earned it consistency on my 2008 playlist. And Everything After, to the contrary, features stripped-down pop. It’s less upbeat, has less volume, but luckily maintains the greatness of Thunder Power’s other work. “Ship In A Bottle” finds the two primary vocalist, both of opposing sexes, harmonizing beautifully. “Sleep, Not Violence” begins slowly but also features a selection of harmony vocals.

The other three tracks — “Blood Water”, “Postscript”, and “Sleep, Not Violence” — are not proprietary to And Everything After. All three were initially released on a rare Thunder Power / Alessi’s Ark split. Repurposed for this release, one can hear the difference between the group’s early sounds and their current ones (“Ship In A Bottle” and “Burden Of Proof”); the three early tracks are filled with softer, slower pop melodies, while the new have a sound more like that found on Love Yourself….

Whatever the song, it doesn’t discount the fact that Thunder Power is an excellent band with amazing potential. They proved it with Love Yourself… and they definitely do so again with And Everything After.

Thunder Power: Ship In A Bottle [mp3]
[audio:090811-thunder_power-ship_in_a_bottle.mp3|titles=Ship In A Bottle|artists=Thunder Power]

And Everything After by Thunder Power

Slumber Party Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Blood Water
2. Ship In A Bottle
3. Postscript
4. Sleep, Not Violence
5. Burden Of Proof

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