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Unarmed Enemies: Show Me Your Plans [Video]

Unarmed Enemies

Unarmed Enemies hail from Stockholm, Sweden, and as goes in the country that brought us Volvo and Abba, indie-pop is a specialty. For Unarmed Enemies, however, their style of pop is fully electronic. It is an upbeat electro-pop similar to that of Le Sport, but less mopey. Not surprisingly, the two share space on the Songs I Wish I Had Written label.

“Show Me Your Plans” is one of the catchiest electro-pop songs I’ve ever heard and the video is a perfect conception of what a European dance track video should look like. The video follows two sexy European ladies on a trip to France while the Unarmed Enemies duo performs at a venue full of dancing twenty-somethings. Occasionally altering time to fit the beats, the video is as refreshing and creative as the music of Unarmed Enemies.

“Show Me Your Plans” can be found on Unarmed Enemies debut EP, available at the Songs I Wish shop.

This review was originally published July 22, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

Unarmed Enemies: Show Me Your Plans [mp3]
[audio:090809-unarmed_enemies-show_me_your_plans.mp3|titles=Show Me Your Plans|artists=Unarmed Enemies]

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