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All Tiny Creatures: Segni [Album Review]

All Tiny Creatures

Yesterday was the drop date for All Tiny CreaturesSegni, a 12″ EP featuring four tracks of immense instrumental awesomeness. The EP opens with an epic, the 17 minute title track “Segni”, and is followed by three songs that do not equate to that time allotment by more than a minute-thirty.

Segni comes to us via Hometapes, and it’s initially a bit of a surprise; I would consider All Tiny Creatures to fit somewhere in the realm of modern (yet hip) jazz. Somewhere along the lines of Bluebridge Quartet or Medeski Martin & Wood. Hell, you could even toss in some references to masters like Cluster.

While the immense “Segni” is a wonderful track, it’s not above giving credit to it’s companions. “To All Tiny Creatures” finds the band injecting just as many noted instruments, from distorted electric guitars to the erratic keys that literally lend “Segni” the genius crown. Each song is a psychedelic jazz jam, a portal into the unique. “Minor” finds the group delving into out-of-the-norm time signatures and playing around with production, throwing sound through swirling loops. That’s pretty much what you can expect from any of the four off Segni — a clash of psychedelic rock sounds with experimental jazz. There’s a word for it, for an artist like All Tiny Creatures, and that word is this: innovative.

All Tiny Creatures: To All Tiny Creatures [mp3]
[audio:090806-all_tiny_creatures-to_all_tiny_creatures.mp3|titles=To All Tiny Creatures|artists=All Tiny Creatures]

Segni by All Tiny Creatures

Home Tapes [12″ EP, 2009]

1. Segni
2. To All Tiny Creatures
3. Minor
4. Street Lights Ten Thousand Feet

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