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The Lovely Feathers: Fantasy Of The Lot [Album Review]

The Lovely Feathers

To be honest, despite a medium amount of hype surrounding the last album by The Lonely Feathers, I never really got into it. But their upcoming Fantasy Of The Lot is definitely not Hind Hind Legs, and so it’s not succumbing to a similar fate. Primarily, opening track “Lowiza” catches the listener in its grasp, and from there, you simply cannot stop listening. What does it is the immediate presence of multiple vocal parts; it’s not harmonic, rather the compounding of the same melody at the same pitch sung by several band members. It’s a trait not enough bands utilize in their signature sounds.

This style of vocals is scattered throughout Fantasy Of The Lot and not present in all tracks. Most, in fact, have a lone vocalist. What does remain in all tracks is the emphasis on keys and synths. “Gifted Donald” may have a stripped-down verse, but the instrumentation in the chorus sees the band filling out the sound with giant drum fills and synth riffs. The alternating styles, one featuring vocals and soft guitars and light percussion, and the other swirling with sound, keep Fantasy Of The Lot interesting.

“Ossified Homes” returns to the catchy, upbeat sounds initially heard in “Lowiza” and “Agrotaker” continues the upbeat nature but removes much of the keys prominent throughout much of the album. “Loading Dock”, too, features the multiple vocals and a wild keyboard riff that almost puts the song into the realm of experimental. Fantasy Of The Lot is a wild pop romp, a trip well worth taking, and a must hear album of 2009!

Stream “Lowiza” below:

[audio:090805-the_lovely_feathers-lowiza.mp3|titles=Lowiza|artists=The Lovely Feathers]

Fantasy Of The Lot by The Lovely Feathers

Sparks Music [CD, 2009]

1. Lowiza
2. Long Walks
3. Fad
4. Gifted Donald
5. Fantasy Of The Lot
6. Family That Doesn’t Know The Game
7. Ossified Homes
8. Agrotaker
9. Loading Dock
10. Vaulted Documents
11. Family Doesn’t Know The Game (Alternate Version)

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