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Uvi.lov [Feature Band]

Uvi.lov Band

Uvi.lov is a self-described dream pop band. Upon hearing the term dream pop, I was intrigued to discover what such a sound encompassed. More notably, how does dream pop sound from Mexico. When I think of such music, I often think of a little Brazilian label called Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Mi Revolucion. And it’s no surprise, Uvi.lov would fit in amidst artists like Balún and Juan Stewart, whose pop sensiblities include highly melodic, hypnotic electronica, otherwise known as dream pop.


Uvi.lov, too, sings in their songs in Spanish. “CUACK” is spacious in its attempts to reach inside the mind and willingly drag the listener into its happy melody and quacking vocals. “El dia en que la television se suicido” finds the band increasing the dose of dreaminess and adding memorable vocal hooks, while “En la isla de las ovejas los techos son de pasto” is a softer tune focusing more on instrumental quality.

And it shows; “En la isla”, while short, is a breathtaking diversion into how you’d expect you pleasant subconscious to sound as you drift off to sleep. “Laiza se cayo de la cama y desperto entre conejos y castores” merely continues this trend. “MODERNO” finds Uvi.lov dishing out its most memorable vocal hook. These are songs whose ambiance is atmospheric, whose electronic nature is both melodic and experimental, whose greatness comes in their underground nature as well as their ability to successfully clash the both electronic sensibilities with pop aesthetics and the dream world with lucid one.

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