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Jeepster: What If All The Rebels Died? [Album Review]


Jeepster takes its name from a T. Rex song and by far the coolest Jeep ever sent to production. Blending a indie pop and rock for a sound that would fit well between, say, T. Rex and a heavier Spoon, Jeepster’s What If All The Rebels Died? mixes sustainable pop hooks with facets of experimental rock. Songs like “Don’t Go Too Far” emphasize repetitive percussion and forefront keyboard riffs, while the wailing vocals give the group its rock emphasis.

Other tracks, “Sweet 1:23” in particular, find the band with power-driven guitars that are based fully within rock and lack many of the pop sensibilities of songs like opener “A Day In The Dark” and title track “What If All The Rebels Died?” But Jeepster maintains a consistency throughout What If All The Rebels Died in both instrumentation and vocals that keep the album fully cohesive, thus lacking the disjointed nature that plagues artists that divert their creativity in too many directions.

What If All The Rebels Died? is a powerful pop album; each song is uncompromising in its quest for immense volume.

Jeepster: Don’t Go Too Far [mp3]
[audio:090802-jeepster-dont_go_too_far.mp3|titles=Don’t Go Too Far|artists=Jeepster]

What If All The Rebels Died? by Jeepster

Distile Records [CD, 2009]

1. A Day In The Dark
2. Don’t Go Too Far
3. Ex Oh
4. Write The End First
5. Sweet 1:23
6. You Can’t Stop
7. Ditches
8. Be Good In Your Neighborhood
9. Fiction Fiction
10. What If All The Rebels Died?

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