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David Peachey: Imaginary People [Album Review]

David Peachey

Everyone knows that a soul is a terrible thing to waste (metaphorically speaking of course). But, the waste of “having soul” can be far worse in many cases. Thankfully the Brisbane native David Peachy knows his calling. And his third full length album Imaginary People seems to bare all the threads necessary for this multi-talented folk mastermind to weave together a genuinely wonderful collection of rock oriented folk tales that bring his inner spirit out in a very soulful way.

Whether it’s the basic pluck and strum sing-a-long “Strands”, or the constant chorus echoing thriller “The Blacker Part”, Peachy pours his heart into everything he does. You can almost hear the beads of sweat dripping off his face as he glides through a track like “Barbiturate”. Knowing that he plays almost every instrument on the album doesn’t hurt his cause in any way either.

There are very few boundaries in folk music these days. It has spread wider than Lindsay Lohan’s legs in an Escalade. There is no line to be drawn. And its popularity has caused some shady images to arise. But an artist like David Peachy is a great example of how it can be done, and his latest album surely doesn’t appear to be a finale of his creativeness in any way. Let’s hope he never quivers away to the darkness of the everyday falsities that seem to be readily abused in the world of folk rock.

David Peachey: Strands [mp3]
[audio:090729_david_peachey-strands.mp3|titles=Strands|artists=David Peachey]

David Peachey: The Blacker Part [mp3]
[audio:090729_david_peachey-the_blacker_part.mp3|titles=The Blacker Part|artists=David Peachey]

Imaginary People by David Peachey

[CD, 2009]

1. Vow
2. Strands
3. Invisible
4. Strangers & Angels
5. Pause
6. Like The Wind
7. Bushi No Tsuma
8. Insert
9. The Blacker Part
10. Alone
11. Barbituate
12. Imaginary People

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