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WHY?: This Blackest Purse [Track Review]


WHY? The distinct capitalization and weighty punctuation are fit for embellishments: WHY? And yes, that is also the question: Why haven’t I given this band ear time? I cannot begin to answer the question, nor can I drum up any of the countless excuses that should be so easily on the tip of my tongue. After all, I recall seeing Rubber Traits come across the desk at KZUU in 2006 (approximately six months prior launching this site) and I noted the unique cover art, and heard great things about 2008’s Alopecia.

But it’s “This Blackest Purse”, the latest single by WHY? from their forthcoming LP Eskimo Snow that now must act as my introduction. The song opens with an emotive piano and the vocals follow suit. Checking out some of the band’s earlier work, “This Blackest Purse” sounds mature and free of indie snobbery. It’s honest and relaxed, yet still maintains the veracity of the group’s early work. And while I have yet to fully ingest that work, I’m pretty excited to get started, and I’m also pretty stoked to check out the rest of Eskimo Snow.

Anticon will release Eskimo Snow this September.

WHY?: This Blackest Purse [mp3]
[audio:090722_why_-_this_blackest_purse.mp3|titles=This Blackest Purse|artists=WHY?]

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