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Talbot Tagora [Feature]

Talbot Tagora

As of today, Hardly Art now has seven records under their belt thanks to the release of Lessons In The Woods Or A City by Talbot Tagora. These seven hold some pretty blatant differences. Each release drastically contrasts from the last, the last two, and so on back to HAR-001 (In Camera by Arthur & Yu). Despite variations across the board, one thing remains consistent: greatness.

“Ichthus Hop” off Lessons In The Woods Or A City includes monotonous-sounding vocals backed by loud guitars and eclectic percussion, a trait oft used by the trio throughout the album. Talbot Tagora is a band whose punk-centric noise will appease fans of No Age and Japandroids. After all, these groups tend to produce colorful music that, while filled with immense noise, shows insurmountable skill. Amidst such company, “Ichthus Hop” and Talbot Tagora fit right in.

Talbot Tagora: Ichthus Hop [mp3]
[audio:090721_talbot_tagora_-_ichthus_hop.mp3|titles=Ichthus Hop|artists=Talbot Tagora]

Lessons In The Woods Or A City by Talbot Tagora

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