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Russell Huie: Cheer The Bombs On [Album Review]

Russell Huie

It may be questionable as to whether Russell Huie is a somber songwriter, or a joyful musician. But, one thing is certain, he can write one hell of a folk song. Cheer The Bombs On is the sort of journey one takes knowing it will be a short voyage, but continues to dread the end all the same. Thankfully this album has the artistic capacity of round trip sessions with very little turbulence. Just smooth guitar waves honing into a strange and delightful goodness of folk pleasure.

Mr. Huie leaves all his emotions to a beckoning judgement on the potential single “Cobwebs”. A song could not be more blatantly personal and reflective as a track like this. And with each awesome introduction — an acoustic friendly journey throughout the epitaph of humanity our hero has deemed suitable for artistic exploration. And any toll would be just alright for what you will experience in just six quick tracks.

Cheer The Bombs On is simply a delight. It brings back reflections of the mid-90’s style of “less than alternative, but more than Vertical Horizon” that has still not been properly glamorized. For this genuine artist, it seems to be all about taking clever melodies and demanding hooks and turning basic ideas into an awe-inspiring collection of tunes. And it could not have worked out better for him.

Cheer The Bombs On by Russell Huie

Canon Records [12″ LP, 2008]

1. Brighter Dark
2. Matinee
3. Peppermint Blues
4. Cobwebs
5. Porcela
6. Hum

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