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Papercuts: Future Primitive [Video]

Papercuts at CMJ 2007

“Future Primitive” was a bit of a surprise. It is obviously Papercuts, as can be heard in both instrumentation and Jason Quever’s vocals, but there’s more going on here than on previous records. The song is dreamy and hazy and adorned with psychedelic pop true to Quever’s San Francisco home. “Future Primitive” is also more confident and proprietary; Papercuts are refining their sound and making it truly their own. And then there’s the video. The entire thing is black and white, and the storyline is an entertaining one to watch play out, fitting well with the song title.

“Future Primitive” can be found on Papercuts’ latest LP, You Can Have What You Want, out now on Gnomonsong Records. Above photo also by Fense.

Papercuts: Future Primitive [mp3]
[audio:090714_papercuts_-_future_primitive.mp3|titles=Future Primitive|artists=Papercuts]

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