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Astronauts of Antiquity: Rocket Science For Dummies [Album Review]

Astronauts Of Antiquity

As hard as they may try, Astronauts of Antiquity can not escape setting the new tone for today’s neo-soul genre. Sure, they dabble with a bit of electronica on Rocket Science For Dummies. But, this is pretty much new jazz! For the experimentally obsessed indie scene that has flourished as of late, this a is a rare gem! Lead singer India’s voice is a modernized version of a big band backup vocalist. Yes, they play with the weird. But, their very core is something of a classic nature.

The curious science lab demonstration tracks “Supa Soul” and “Sweet Tooth” are of the more demonic and estranged variety. You still have blues guitar and select horns, but it may be a bit too eerie to get Frank Sinatra Jr. to contribute upon. “Everywhere” and “Love Is All Around” are the beautiful and reminiscent culture shockers that can surely bring jazz back to the hearts of the young. Though its influence is subtle, this album obviously pulls from the past to create its own version of the future.

It’s always fresh and inspiring to hear an electronic based group move their way into a lively and natural dubbed sound. Astronauts of Antiquity show us that pretentiousness doesn’t always have to be confusing. Hell, at times it can be down right fun if you have the vocals of the loveliest bird, and an ear for classical sounds that would drive a beatnik crazy. Though this is usually impossible, this duo sure got it down.

Astronauts Of Antiquity: Love Is All Around [mp3]
[audio:090709_astronauts_of_antiquity_-_love_is_all_around.mp3|titles=Love Is All Around|artists=Astronauts Of Antiquity]

Astronauts Of Antiquity: Sup A Soul [mp3]
[audio:090709_astronauts_of_antiquity_-_sup_a_soul.mp3|titles=Sup A Soul|artists=Astronauts Of Antiquity]

Rocket Science For Dummies by Astronauts Of Antiquity

[CD, 2009]

1. Everywhere
2. Strangest Places
3. Sup A Soul
4. Rocket Science
5. Sweet-Tooth
6. Beautiful Fate
7. Miss Caroline
8. Emo Healing
9. Breakthrough
10. Soup Du Jour (Feat. Cee Knowledge)
11. Love Is All Around
12. Dance Until Dawn
13. Love Is A Mantra (Dub Remix)

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