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PDX Pop Now! 2009 [Album Review]

PDX Pop Now! 2009

Tucked comfortably within my extensive collection of compact discs are several PDX Pop Now! releases, dating from 2008 back to, oh, I don’t know, maybe 2005 or so. Each year PDX Pop Now! puts together an excellent two-disc set featuring tracks from the best up-and-coming artists from the Portland, OR area. This release, PDX Pop Now! 2009, is my favorite yet.

Each PDX Pop Now! release thus far has spanned genre, from simple solo folk artists to underground hip hop. PDX Pop Now! 2009 is no different. And on each release you’ll find a few locals that have entered the national scene. These are names that your standard fan of independent music will recognize, names like M. Ward, The Thermals, and to a lesser extent Mirah. Eye catching for fans and collectors of these well known artists, what PDX Pop does best is introduce great new artists like The Mint Chicks, Dirty Mittens and Ah Holy Fam’ly.

While select songs are exclusive, the majority have been released before. But since the album is a benefit for the festival, which takes place July 24 – July 26 in Portland, and you can find PDX Pop Now! 2009 on CD Baby for $8, it’s a more than viable purchase. Besides, with a track list totaling 40 songs, and thus 40 bands, you’ll be a true collector if you’ve heard and/or have half already in your collection.

There may be 40 artists here, but there will be more at the festival, including some FensePost favorites like The Old Believers.

PDX Pop Now! 2009 Cover

Ethan Rose & Laura Gibson: Sun [mp3]
[audio:090707_ethan_rose_and_laura_gibson_-_sun.mp3|titles=Sun|artists=Ethan Rose & Laura Gibson]

Explode Into Colors: Paper (Hot Sax Version) [mp3]
[audio:090707_explode_into_colors_-_paper_hot_sax_version.mp3|titles=Paper (Hot Sax Version)|artists=Explode Into Colors]

Jared Mees & The Grown Children: The Tallest Building In Hell [mp3]
[audio:090707_jared_mees_-_the_tallest_building_in_hell.mp3|titles=The Tallest Building In Hell|artists=Jared Mees & The Grown Children]

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