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The Cubists: Mechanical Advantage [Album Review]

The Cubists Mechanical Advantage

The Cubists set up Mechanical Advantage with the outstanding “Fire In The Backyard”, a song that swirls between the realm of pop and epic rock with catchy hooks and a wild guitar solo or two. Then The Cubists drop into the slow and dreamy “The Orchestra Breathes”. It brings in electronic elements, draped over the percussion that picks up double-time as the song continues.

This is pretty much what one can expect with Mechanical Advantage; there are drones backed by electronic percussion and there are eclectic rock guitar solos. This dichotomy between two quite distinct styles does divide the album awkwardly at times, but there are plenty of noteworthy tunes, like “She’s Got Blood”, on both ends to keep things interesting.

Mechanical Advantage adequately introduces to the world The Cubists, a band that defies tradition when it comes to genre and does so in an intriguing and often refreshing manner.

Mechanical Advantage by The Cubists

[CD, 2009]

1. Fire In The Backyard
2. The Orchestra Breathes
3. Bad Time
4. Lights Out
5. Mechanical Advantage
6. She’s Got Blood
7. Best Friends
8. Redux
9. Hallelujah Hollywood

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