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Webelos: Volume 1 [Album Review]

Webelos band

Observing the DIY packaging Volume One is comfortably stored in, one has the distinct thought that Webelos may be an acoustic folk project, and not necessarily the experimental indie pop band that it is. The opening tune, “Another Nature Study” is an instrumental folk-pop tune featuring a prominent snare/cymbal mix and soft organ melodies. Hell, there are even finger snaps!

It’s not until “Yellow Is The Color” that we hear lyrics. By now Webelos have defined themselves as an out-of-the-box pop group true to DIY nature, but forward-thinking enough to not necessarily remain so for long. They themselves denounce the subgenre that immediately comes to mind–bedroom pop–and instead re-classify themselves with the following statement: We’re living room pop now!

Webelos, A Band from Seattle
webelos (band)

But this could be a joke as each song is soft, fringing on romantics. The vocals–when there are vocals–are quiet and pleasant. True to such pop, Webelos’ music could be performed in a living room with close friends perching wherever they can find enough room to sit (truly listening to Volume One, it becomes apparent that the music is too full for the bedroom; there would be no place for an audience) just as well as it could be performed in a smaller pop-centric venue.

As the album dives into “Natural Harmonee”, traces of early pop and even elements of jazz can be heard. There’s a jangle in the guitar and compiled vocals make for, well, natural harmonies. Webelos are a band to keep your eye on; and I hope to catch ’em soon here in their hometown of Seattle.

This review was originally published June 19, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

[CDEP, 2008]

1. Another Nature Study
2. Yellow Is The Color
3. Last Time Down In Portland
4. Natural Harmonee

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