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Iron And Wine: Around The Well [Album Review]

Iron And Wine

Despite the most subtle of changes, making each release quite homogeneous in nature, Sam Beam’s Iron And Wine never quite stales. Beam continuously maintains a level of skill that is, at least in the simplistic folk realm where he resides, fairly unparalleled. And so it is on his latest endeavor, a double LP titled Around The Well.

Around The Well demonstrates exactly how cohesive Beam’s work is, collecting tracks from throughout his career. And while many of these are rarities or out-of-print tracks that have previously been released, it’s not always the case. A few lost tracks slip in — well, maybe not lost, per se, but unreleased nonetheless.

What Iron And Wine does is section the work into a precise and familiar dichotomy; one album for the stripped-down, more solo workings, and one that highlights Beam’s studio work with accompaniment from others. Both feature strong high points and both are worthy of esteemed praise — what else would you expect from Beam?

Around The Well was supported by five performances this month in Chicago and New York, the last of which was last night. He will play a collection of Folk Festivals in Canada and the US over the summer.

Above photo by Kim Black.

Iron And Wine: The Trapeze Swinger [mp3]
[audio:090520_iron_and_wine_-_the_trapeze_swinger.mp3|titles=The Trapeze Swinger|artists=Iron And Wine]

Around The Well by Iron And Wine

Sub Pop [2XCD, 2009]

1. Dearest Forsaken
2. Morning
3. Loud as Hope
4. Peng! 33
5. Sacred Vision
6. Friends They Are Jewels
7. Hickory
8. Waitin’ for a Superman
9. Swans and the Swimming
10. Call Your Boys
11. Such Great Heights
12. Communion Cups and Someone’s Coat
13. Belated Promise Ring
14. God Made the Automobile
15. Homeward These Shoes
16. Love Vigilantes
17. Sinning Hands
18. No Moon
19. Serpent Charmer
20. Carried Home
21. Kingdom of the Animals
22. Arms of a Thief
23. The Trapeze Swinger

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  1. Holley – Glad you dig it! I’d recommend the Sub Pop website (linked just below the album art). But if you prefer, will have the physical copy and iTunes should have the digital version.

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