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Marykate O’Neil: Underground [Album Review]

Marykate O'Neil

Celebrating the bizarre and ever changing spirit of the bottom society is not a new idea at all. In this age of less is more, to be more than you really are is a state of humanity; it is convenient that Marykate O’Neil celebrates these ideas by naming her latest release, Underground. But, few can match the genuine artistic reality of this angel and poet of the modern day New York singer songwriter’s spectrum.

“Green Street” contains the perfect amount of chirp to have the everyday bohemian spinning in medium paced circles filled with love and joy for all. But, the slow burning cigarette in a 2 a.m. dive bar spirit is portrayed best on the title track. Marykate describes her fears of change and loss of resistance in the most wonderful fashion. But, each song on this ode to the mistaken merchants of poetic injustice is a gem in their own right.

Her songs mean something to someone, this cannot be denied. Even if you have no idea what she is talking about, you can sense the importance. Dylan spoke of Mr. Jones first. O’Neil seems to reiterate him to the world of today.

This gently paced album is a delicacy that fits well into this singer’s body of work. Her penetrating insights of the world are sought after, yet rarely a relic of magnificent importance as this. The entire embodiment of this grossly talented individual is a topic that all human beings of any spectrum would enjoy and care for in all it’s exceptional being.

Marykate O’Neil: One Thousand Times A Day [mp3]
[audio:090504_marykate_oneil_-_one_thousand_times_a_day.mp3|titles=One Thousand Times A Day|artists=Marykate O’Neil]

Marykate O’Neil: Green Street [mp3]
[audio:090504_marykate_oneil_-_green_street.mp3|titles=Green Street|artists=Marykate O’Neil]

Underground by Marykate O'Neil

Nettwerk / 71 Recordings [CD, 2009]

1. Green Street
2. Easy To Believe At First
3. Nashville
4. Saved
5. Mr. Freidman
6. Me, The Bee, The Miner
7. Underground
8. Attention
9. Different For Girls
10. One Thousand Times A Day
11. So Long

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