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Leonard Mynx: Vesper [Album Review]

Leonard Mynx

You can see Leonard Mynx (MySpace) walking down a back-country road somewhere along the great flat expanse that is central U S of A. You can see him wandering along forgotten foothills and through green spring mountain passes. Such is the visualization that accompanies artists fitting the Americana genre, and Mynx is of course no exception.

His songs speak volumes of journal entries scribbled in the wanderer’s notebook. It reads of forgotten loves, passed-down ghost stories, picturesque landscapes painted with words, and various tales of woe. It’s hard to call out any specific moments on Vespers as surpassing others; every moment has its place and every moment is incremental to the one before it and the one that follows.

True to Americana-style folk, Mynx packs his songs with acoustic guitars, skillfully plucked, and a variety of stringed instruments like violin, mandolin and pedal steel. Others feature brass (trumpet) or keys or even accordion. It’s a mix that works quite well — sometimes minimal, sometimes full, but always very, very good.

You can pick up Vesper digitally on Amazon or physically from Mynx’s website.

Leonard Mynx: Many Hours [mp3]
[audio:090501_leonard_mynx_-_many_hours.mp3|titles=Many Hours|artists=Leonard Mynx]

Leonard Mynx: Valley Of Sickness And Death [mp3]
[audio:090501_leonard_mynx_-_valley_of_sickness_and_death.mp3|titles=Valley Of Sickness And Death|artists=Leonard Mynx]

Vesper by Leonard Mynx

Ghost Records [CD, 2009]

1. Valley Of Sickness And Death
2. Northwest Passage
3. Mary
4. House On The Hill
5. Horse
6. The Wine
7. Robert
8. Many Hours
9. The Reins
10. You Asked

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