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Paper Brain: Ain’t Nobody Cares [Album Review]

Paper Brain

On Ain’t Nobody Cares, Portland’s Paper Brain draws musical influence from the 60s and 70s and lyrical influence from literature. Most notably, “Robin Hood” (easily one of the best songs on the album) is a homage to Edgar Allan Poe’s Eulalie – A Song. It’s a unique take on literature, the putting story to song; one that others have likely emulated.

Ain’t Nobody Cares splits between male and female fronted vocals. Each song is clean and honest, and selectively packed with lovable and oft bouncy pop. Tunes like opener “How Quick” and “Dead Leaves” are instantly discernible as favorites.

The bands that influence Paper Brain stem from similar groups, ranging as far as the obvious (The Beattles) to the somewhat obscure (Blonde Redhead) but still well-known. But the band finds a unique spot in songwriting, instead fitting somewhere between Steven Malkmus (Pavement) and Jason Lytle (Grandaddy).

Other tunes are melodic and, at times, somewhat minimal; these songs are backed by softly melodic, emotive instrumentation. “Untitled” features a pleasant piano, while “I’d Rather” combines the poppy with the down-tempo.

To add to the intrigue, not many bands can boast an album that gets better as it goes along, but with tracks like the female fronted “Chemicals” and harmonic “No Remains” that begin rounding up Ain’t Nobody Cares‘ conclusion, it’s an obvious fact that Paper Brain has something special going on.

Paper Brain: OMT [mp3]
[audio:090421_paper_brain_-_omt.mp3|titles=OMT|artists=Paper Brain]

Ain't Nobody Cares by Paper Brain

[CD, 2009]

1. How Quick
2. Dead, Dead, Dying Town
3. Postman
4. Emily
5. OMT
6. Overgrown
7. Untitled
8. Dead Leaves
9. Robin Hood
10. I’d Rather…
11. Chemicals
12. No Remains
13. Aint Nobody Cares
14. IOU

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