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Bravo Johnson: The Crooked And The Straight [Album Review]

Bravo Johnson

Americana music is in many ways comparable to the heavy questions regarding punk rock. What the hell is Americana? What is truly “punk”? As a couple of sub genres, they can be very difficult to explain or even comprehend. Except that they are supposed to be soundtracks to describe a certain (yet vast) culture or sub culture. Bravo Johnson (MySpace) is commonly referred to as an Americana rock group. With hints of old school rockabilly, it does fit the standard. But not really. But, does it really matter?

The Crooked And The Straight is twenty-seven down to earth cuts consisting of 70’s earthy guitar licks and dramatic vocals. Their Tom Petty influence is noticeable. But, they sound more like they could be Petty’s more rebellious smug faced second cousin. “King Of The World” is Rick Amurrio’s imaginative love letter to the person he probably dreams of being, and the most “Americana” track on this release. And a song like “Hobo” is just plain good no matter how you brand it.

Whether or not Bravo Johnson is actually Americana is an unnecessary debate. They rock! However they may be described, their songs are as enjoyable and loving as a Rwandan water carbon credit. Their drinking in your backyard rockabilly tunes are ultimately guides to good times. While punk rock contains too many rules, Americana may only have a vague description (“Using instruments from other nations?”). The Crooked And The Straight is a great rock n roll album built along the grander side of simple American culture. If this deserves a certain label, so be it.

Bravo Johnson: King Of The World [mp3]
[audio:090326_bravo_johnson_-_king_of_the_world.mp3|titles=King Of The World|artists=Bravo Johnson]

Bravo Johnson: Hobo [mp3]
[audio:090326_bravo_johnson_-_hobo.mp3|titles=Hobo|artists=Bravo Johnson]

The Crooked And The Straight by Bravo Johnson

[2xCD, 2008]

1. King Of The World
2. Sacrifice Yourself
3. Are You Dreaming
4. Aimlessly Drifting
5. Hot Wheels
6. Lush
7. Ace In The Hole
8. JJ Joe
9. Loveblind
10. River Run
11. Ship Of Fools
12. You’re Still Standing There
13. Cahoots
14. Clouds + With The Band
15. Waltz Of More And More
16. Monday Morning
17. Hobo
18. Lone Star
19. Mean Highway
20. Ishmael
21. Easy Chain
22. Changes
23. House Up The River
24. Jesus Out To Sea
25. Losing My Mind
26. Mountain Man
27. Pictures Falling

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