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Eula: Language Of Threat [Album Review]


Art. Angst. Awesome. Three words starting with “A” that one can easily attribute to Eula (MySpace), a band so filled with elements of pop and punk and blaring rock that it’s amazing any of them still have eardrums left to help keep them in tune. Language Of Threat, their latest EP, is filled with the hyped-up, in-your-face sounds I referenced when they debuted opener “Housewolf” a few months back.

This sound continues on Language Of Threat, though it’s not nearly as catchy as that first tune. Still, songs like “Rosie”, with its awkward harmonies and driving snare, and closer “Fight Riff” keep the music more than entertaining and interesting. “At Its Worst” even drops much of the noise to be almost quiet in the first half before once again tearing through the eardrums.

Loud, noisy groups are not often known for their intricacy. They’re known for messing shit up. But a truly great loud, noisy group will mess your shit up meticulously, using wild harmonies, complicated riffs, and skilled musicianship. Eula is one such group – the bass lines may not be focused and clear, but they sure are packed with all the right notes in all the right places, and plucked at warp speed.

Language Of Threat is a visual album. It’s colorful and painfully loud and the imagery it evokes are one part horrific and one part sexual. Yeah, as I mentioned before, at times Eula sounds a little like a garage version of CSS, and upon hearing the rest of the EP, I’ll stand behind that statement.

Eula: Fight Song [mp3]
[audio:090323_eula_-_fight_riff.mp3|titles=Fight Riff|artists=Eula]

Eula: Housewolf [mp3]

Language Of Threat by Eula

[CDEP, 2009]

1. Housewolf
2. Above The Weather
3. Rosie
4. At Its Worst
5. Nothing Knew
6. Fight Riff


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