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Suturee: Suturee [Album Review]


I hit a wall today. This happens when you’ve been working just a bit too hard, going too fast-paced, attempting to store too much information. Everything stops. Thought. Movement. You just go blank. There is music out there with the ability to draw one out of such a moment (or, rather, reactivate brainwaves and movement, etc.), and Suturee (MySpace) is a perfect example.

Suturee’s music is filled with subtle drones and quietly seductive dual male/female vocals. Moments of experimental pop drift in and out. Opener “Afraid Of Hands” encapsulates the band’s ability to create a bedroom pop sound that’s bigger than the bedroom. It’s filled with consistent percussion and orchestration fit more for, say, a living room. Like banjo. As the song tops two minutes, the sound even becomes… loud.

This is a common trait on Suturee the group’s self-titled release from 2008, this quiet sound that occasionally builds beyond the subgenre’s namesake. In a way, it’s a similar sound found on last year’s Cove by A Weather (both, in fact, were released last year within a few months of each other). But here it builds more, grows and draws one out of and away from monotony.

To be honest, it’s hard to find a weak point on Suturee’s self-titled release. Songs like “This Hour” and “Name Remains” are mysterious in the compiling of male and female vocals backed by a smoke-y guitar drone. “Me To Meet” and closer “The Presence” both fit this style as well, and when the electric guitar enters toward the end of the album, near perfection is achieved.

It’s the build that brings you out of it; the extracting of time and space that’s blocking… stuff… whatever’s muddling the stream of brainwaves that make things work, make you work.

Suturee: Afraid Of Hands [mp3]
[audio:090309_suturee_-_afraid_of_hands.mp3|titles=Afraid Of Hands|artists=Suturee]

Suturee: The Presence [mp3]
[audio:090309_suturee_-_the_presence.mp3|titles=The Presence|artists=Suturee]

Suturee's Self-Titled Release

[CD, 2008]

1. Afraid Of Hands
2. Detain
3. Name Remains
4. Fail To Feel
5. Wait Less
6. Me To Meet
7. This Hour
8. To Depart
9. The Presence


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