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Baskervilles: Twilight [Album Review]

Here’s a new concept for you. Take a great indie pop band and release a limited print 7-inch single each month for fourteen months. Then, after it’s all done, combine all fourteen singles and call it an album.

That’s exactly what Baskervilles did for Twilight.

Being a die-hard vinyl junkie, I love this band already…

Update: As of October, 2019, none of the singles have been added to Baskervilles’ Discogs page.

This is also why I love indie pop so much. Baskervilles began the singles project way back in September of 2006. And, as 7-inch singles go, each song has its single-worthy moments, from catchy vocal hooks to memorable jangle guitar riffs.

It’s as if the past forty years never existed—the influence is distinctly 60s pop.

More modern influence can be heard throughout the album, but these influences are artists that also channel the 60s era pop—Belle And Sebastian and The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. Like these bands, Baskervilles rotate between male and female vocalists, include more orchestrated backing instruments like trumpets and strings.

The first single is perhaps the most catchy from the Twilight bunch. That song, “Where Did My Summer Go?”, has super upbeat lyrics and the hooks are highly infectious.

Still, calling it the most prominent tune on Twilight is saying a lot as the album is packed with tunes that are filled with pop class and are sure to win your heart over in an instant.

This review was originally published June 5, 2008 on the old version of FensePost. It was revisited and lightly edited on October 8, 2019.

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