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Haakon Ellingsen [Feature Band]

Haakon Ellingsen

It’s about 50 in the office and I had the brilliant idea of wearing flip-flops and a short-sleeve dress shirt today. Damn appendages are freezing off. I can think of a few cures to remove the chill. Sometimes all you need is a little folk-pop; today, I turned to Haakon Ellingsen.

This Norwegian crafts his songs with soft instrumentation—the volume may be light but the use of strings, keys and flute are heavy. The softer side of The Beatles comes through in “Bounty.” But there’s a lot more behind Ellingsen than that first glimpse.

In some ways Ellingsen’s music has a sound similar that of Kevin Hume, especially in “How Little We Talk…” There is a hint of an Irish jig hidden here, yet it holds true to the Nordic tradition and adds a dose of pop.

It’s definitely worth a listen… or five.

This review was originally published July 12, 2007 on the old version of FensePost.

Haakon Ellingsen: Sunshine Girl [mp3]
[audio:|titles=Sunshine Girl|artists=Haakon Ellingsen]

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