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Obits: Pine On [pReview]


In exactly one month from today, Obits (MySpace) will release their album I Blame You on Sub Pop. And, much like the label’s true beginnings as a haven for subterranean pop music in the vein of loud, oft leaning toward the obnoxiousness of punk and grunge, Obits fit the frame, square as it may or may not be. As much as the grunge era’s true artists passed me by, I cannot say the same for these guys.

“Pine On” is the first hit off their upcoming LP and it’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head pretty damn easily. I don’t know what it was about the original era of grunge; what I do know is I like the new era a hell of a lot more. And with artists like Obits, No Age, and even Oxford Collapse, Sub Pop is eating it up. But, would you really expect anything else from the label that (as many would consider) birthed the genre itself?

I Blame You hits March 24 on Sub Pop Records.

Obits: Pine On [mp3]
[audio:090224_obits_-_pine_on.mp3|titles=Pine On|artists=Obits]

I Blame You by Obits

2 thoughts on “Obits: Pine On [pReview]”

  1. I’d say there are elements of grunge here. But then again, as I mentioned in the review, much of that era bypassed my suburban upbringing; I could be a bit off in that regard.

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