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Super XX Man: There’ll Be Diamonds [Album Review]

Super XX Man

Super XX Man, pronounced “Super Double X Man,” is bringing the Portland folk scene to it’s knees. His less than ambient yet less than standard folky vibes bring a surprisingly different view to the expected one man, one guitar (with the occasional tambourine or ukulele) that has become so common in the underworld of the overtly acoustic, and financially challenged City of Roses.

There’ll Be Diamonds may be a senior release for Double X, but he still manages to sound fresh as ever on tracks like “Psychotic Breakdown” and “Big Balloon”. The brightest point of the album would easily have to be “Crazy People”. The characters are people we all know, and fear for. Indie folk rock has never been more selfless than this song. Overall, each tune sets a standard for what should be expected in the new wave of folk.

On occasion, Super XX Man breaks it down in a way that appreciates his influential roots (see “You Say” and “House/Home”). But, as a whole the album breaks new ground. With no digitized madness, this grand artist developed his own brand of originality… without being so damned creepy and weird.

Super XX Man: Crazy People [mp3]
[audio:090218_super_xx_man_-_crazy_people.mp3|titles=Crazy People|artists=Super XX Man]

Super XX Man: Big Balloon [mp3]
[audio:090218_super_xx_man_-_big_balloon.mp3|titles=Big Balloon|artists=Super XX Man]

There'll Be Diamonds by Super XX Man

[CD, 2009]

1. Medication
2. Psychotic Break
3. Crazy People
4. You Say
5. There’ll Be Diamonds
6. Big Balloons
7. House/Home
8. Little Leaf
9. What Lies Beneath
10. 5A Problem
11. It’s Now
12. Downtown Chapel
13. Cautious Like A Panther

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