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Naama Hillman: In Between The Lights [Album Review]

Naama Hillman

Like most singer/songwriters of original genius, Naama Hillman convinces us that the power of words can subside a natural yearning for easy tones and an uncomplicated beat.  Throughout In Between The Lights, a sense of strong intensity and mobility takes a hold of the eardrums and creates a spectacular level of happiness.  It would not be a stretch to compare this London based beaut’s lyrics to the stories of Carson McCullers.  The power and charisma are undeniable.
On “Let’s Go Out Tonight”, there is something oddly reminiscent of Joan Baez in her post-Dylan prime.  The song moves with a sort of brilliance that is stunning without be saccharine.  And June Carter would cry at Naama’s wonderful rendition of “Ring Of Fire”.  This amazing cover brings the sort of unique delicacy in the song that Johnny Cash could never convey.
Although this EP was released almost two years ago (new full length, coming soon), it is no surprise that a lazy American would only now be taking a listen to an artist from across the pond.  No matter – Naama’s endearing vocals create a most pleasurable experience.  What is most impressive about this album is the obvious avoidance of the vain and maudlin aura that many songwriters fall victim to.  At times it is haunting, but even then it still remains the work of a beautiful and sweet songbird.
Download In Between The Lights here.

Naama Hillman: Let’s Go Out Tonight [mp3]
[audio:090213_naama_hillman_-_lets_go_out_tonight.mp3|titles=Let’s Go Out Tonight|artists=Naama Hillman]

Naama Hillman: Ring Of Fire [mp3]
[audio:090213_naama_hillman_-_ring_of_fire.mp3|titles=Ring Of Fire|artists=Naama Hillman]

Between The Lights by Naama Hillman

[mp3 EP, 2009]
1.  Falling
2.  Let’s Go Out Tonight
3.  Ring Of Fire
4.  Glory
5.  I’ll Be Home

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