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Voxtrot: The Start Of Something [7″ Single Review]

Voxtrot Start of Something Single

In what I consider the best new band of 2005, Voxtrot takes its twee roots and adds a heavy dose of indie-pop. Happy melodies, catchy choruses and thought-provoking lyrics are the makeup of this group’s music and The Start of Something 7″ is what started it all.

After reviewing the first Voxtrot EP for KZUU, I searched for anyone who might have an extra copy of this limited and long out-of-print single. Then, in December 2005, I ran across it in Seattle while perusing the Sonic Boom Vinyl Vault. Imagine my surprise coming across such a rare and highly sought after gem for under $4 when I would have gladly paid at least 4 times that price for it!

“The Start Of Something” is the A-Side of Voxtrot’s first single and was released on Cult Hero. It is upbeat and poppy, lovable and mysterious, edgy and dark–all in one. And you can dance to it. Frontman Ramesh Srivastava’s vocals carry an accent picked up in his years abroad, studying lit at a university in Scotland. It is a natural single and can carry its own weight as one of the top songs of 2005.

The exclusive B-Side is “Dirty Version” a lighter twee-ballad where Srivastava turns poetry to song. Alone, the song is quite simple and utilizes few chords, but its beauty shines through in lyrical quality and vocal styling.

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