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Smile Brigade: Eering, Creaky EP [Album Review]

Smile Brigade

Written by Fense

February marks three occasions for the girlfriend and myself. The first is our 18 month anniversary. The fourteenth, of course, is Valentines Day. And the 28th is her birthday. It also marks a special occasion for Seattle’s Smile Brigade (MySpace); it’s the release of their next album, Eering, Creaky EP.

Listening to Eering, Creaky, I can’t help thinking two things: 1. Smile Brigade has progressed tremendously as a band since their debut, and 2. I love this EP! From the folky opener “Dynomite” to the poppy, yet drone-ridden “Smile And Smile”, Eering, Creaky finds Smile Brigade honing in on their true voice, one that sees lead vocalist J. Boggs in excellent form. The band provides listeners with a clever play between psychedelic folk and folk-pop.

This EP makes me happy. There are three tunes here that, in my opinion, are catchier and, overall, are simply better than pretty much everything off that debut; the two aforementioned tracks and the closer “Hand In A Jar”. Yet, each and every song on Eering, Creaky has motivating hooks and memorable forays into folk oblivion.

Smile Brigade’s debut had some great tracks but this EP goes above and beyond – it has staying power. Once again, I’m left satisfied, wanting more, and excited to hear where this band goes next.

Smile Brigade: Smile And Smile [mp3]
[audio:090128_smile_brigade_-_smile_and_smile.mp3|titles=Smile And Smile|artists=Smile Brigade]

Eering, Creaky EP by Smile Brigade

Tilton House [CDEP, 2009]

1. Dynomite
2. Josanna
3. Daddy’s Heart
4. Smile And Smile
5. Hand In A Jar

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