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Sexy Kids [Feature Band]

Sexy Kids

Written by Fense

Sexy Kids will likely bring a slew of undesirables to FensePost. After all, the term “Sexy Kids” can be taken in a very wrong direction. And the site did see a spike in the search term “Preteen” after we covered Oneida’s masterpiece Preteen Weaponry last year. But maybe these sickos will at least go out listening to good music… right? We can only hope.

Sisters Are Forever is yet another one of Cloudberry Records‘ recent 7″ singles of which to take note. Sexy Kids are a bit of a surprise; their music is quite a bit harder than some of the other Cloudberry artists and by harder I mean punchier, with more ferocity. They’re not as twee — they’ve got more of an edge to their songwriting, and it definitely isn’t sweet and cutesy as those artists tend to be, though tweeish elements do remain.

“Sisters Are Forever” is the title track of last year’s single. It’s got rapid percussion, full electric guitars with catchy riffs and reverb-filled vocals that draw slight comparison to Jenn Ghetto (Carissa’s Wierd [sic] and S). So, naturally, I’m an instant fan. And, also naturally, you should be too.

Sexy Kids: Sisters Are Forever [mp3]
[audio:090109_sexy_kids_-_sisters_are_forever.mp3|titles=Sisters Are Forever|artists=Sexy Kids]


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