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Still Flyin’ [Feature Band]

Still Flyin'

Written by Fense

Still Flyin’ is somewhat of an indiepop supergroup. Fronted by Sean Rawls (Masters of the Hemisphere and Je Suis France), he has build Still Flyin’ into a powerhouse that features members of bands as diverse as Red Pony Clock, Aislers Set, Ladybug Transistor, and Maserati.

“Big Lord” isn’t new. Actually, it’s off the group’s debut release Time Wrinkle EEJ. Since then they’ve released a single and are now giving us their sophomore release, Never Gonna Touch The Ground.

They’re calling it reggae; I don’t buy it (at least on this song — select others fit the title quite well). Sure, there are some reggae elements, but it would be better classified as pop-based white reggae. To me, though, it’s just another great pop group.

Never Gonna Touch The Ground is out now on Lost And Lonesome Recordings and Antenna Farm Records.

Still Flyin’: Big Lord [mp3]
[audio:1210_still_flyin_-_big_lord.mp3|titles=Big Lord|artists=Still Flyin’]

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