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The Rollo Treadway: The Rollo Treadway [Album Review]

The Rollo Treadway

Written by Fense

With an emphasis on late 60s, early 70s pop influence, The Rollo Treadway‘s self-titled debut follows a conceptual storyline — the kidnapping of two children. Rather than taking the dark route, it quickly becomes apparent that The Rollo Treadway is packed with upbeat pop gems like opener “Kidnapped” and its follower “Rua Gararu 188”.

David Sandholm is the mastermind behind this eerie children’s nightmarish tale. Though upbeat in nature, the darkness resides in the lyrics. Played out on the back of eyelids, the imagery is a contrast of good and evil — the songs are great, the lyrics borderline disturbing. It makes for a very effective concept.

Were it a novel or film, it would be a tragic comedy, strife with pain, heartbreak and loss, but with just enough bizarre comic wizardry to warrant reference to the Cohen Brothers or even a Wes Anderson. Re: the latter, the music would even be fitting, given its retro-ish pop sensibilities.

Though the pop may have an old sound, there’s plenty of modern thoughts throughout The Rollo Treadway, sometimes subtle sometimes not. There are plenty of references to The Beach Boys and The Zombies. For the former, it’s the lullabye of She won’t find out where you are in “Coast’s Clear”.

And, through it all, the kidnapping concept make the album that much more intriguing. The Rollo Treadway is a bit of a hidden masterpiece; and I am very interested to see where this band goes next.

The Rollo Treadway: Kidnapped [mp3]
[audio:1202_the_rollo_treadway_-_kidnapped.mp3|titles=Kidnapped|artists=The Rollo Treadway]

The Rollo Treadway: Dear Mr. Doe [mp3]
[audio:1202_the_rollo_treadway_-_dear_mr_doe.mp3|titles=Dear Mr. Doe|artists=The Rollo Treadway]

The Rollo Treadway by The Rollo Treadway

[CD, 2008]

1. Kidnapped
2. Rua Gararu 188
3. You Laugh, I Cry
4. Dear Mr. Doe
5. Friday’s Child
6. The Seahorse
7. Coast’s Clear
8. Charlie
9. All Heads Turn
10. She’s Got Me
11. Avenue X
12. The Children Of Table 34
13. Time To Dream

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