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The Seaworthies: Flies On The Wall [Video]

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Written by Fense

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about The Seaworthies. I’ve known about the band for some time and I’ve more than appreciated the music they’ve made all these years, even when they were known by the moniker Moon Turn The Tides. So, what prompted this new little feature? No, unfortunately there are no new tunes out there, and I’m not really sure if there are plans for any new tunes in the near future.

So why am I writing about The Seaworthies? Because, while there’s no known new material, they have made a lot of their back catalog, which recently sold out completely, available for download from their Virb site — include the full aforementioned Moon Turn The Tides release featuring greats like “Haleigh”, “Patience Boy”, and “Flies On The Wall”. The last of that little grouping, as you can probably already guess, has a video. It’s a bizarre little flick made by a friend of the band and featuring a guy in a fly suit.

The Seaworthies style of lo-fi indie pop is on the edges of being twee — it’s cute and it’s fun — and the albums they released all had a DIY feel to them. Both the Moon Turn The Tides release, We Could Make A Movie Out Of This (MTTT was simply Blaise and Tara — The Seaworthies duo — plus a few other members) and The Seaworthies’ Wake Up single were released in handmade, screen-printed sleeves.

As I mentioned before, those releases have both sold out and they’ve made ’em available for free download from their Virb site (no longer active). However, in terms of MTTT, they’re now dubbing that release as being by The Seaworthies. Go there for the full releases, check out a few songs from each and the “Flies On The Wall” video below, and hopefully we’ll hear sometime soon that they’ve got a new one in the mix.

2022 NOTE: It’s pretty hard to find much of anything by The Seaworthies these days, but a song called “Cat’s Cradle” from about 6 years ago can be found on Soundcloud:

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