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Arliss Parker: Handsome Like A Lion [Album Review]

Arliss Parker

Written by Fense

Arliss Parker (aka Chris Parker) is slated to release his debut EP, Handsome Like A Lion, on November 25 via DAG! Records and, not to brag, I have the beautiful, artistically designed yellow-and-white case in my hands. Well, not technically in my hands — it’s sitting next to my MacBook as I type this review. Displayed on the yellow background is a simple white image of what looks like a girl, face scratched away. Printed vertically are the artist and album names in clean orange letters.

Likewise, within the case can be found a clean, modern simplicity. It’s electronica gone acoustic; colorful but not overly so; bold but not lavish; minimalism with a bountiful twist. It’s not as quirky as The Books, nor as minimal as early electronic pioneers like Klauss Schulze. It does, however, have an edge to it — a sort of upbeat, catchy edge — from the blissful and brief opener, “Fax Receives A Letter”, to the hypnotic clacking beats in “Oh My”. Parker’s music is instrumental, featuring simply an acoustic guitar, probably a few pedals, and, I believe, a laptop packed with electronic beats.

Handsome Like A Lion is sure to turn some heads when it hits stores later this month — I mean, how can you not take notice of the sadly romantic melodies on closer “Our Favorite Films”, or the pleasantries of “She Smiles As She Sleeps”. Both reminisce on loves current or long lost — who knows, it could be both. Parker has the uncanny ability to craft a melody so endearing, it takes gentle hold of your heart, cherishing every beat and refusing to let go.

Arliss Parker: Taken To Antrim [mp3]
[audio:1114_arliss_parker_-_taken_to_antrim.mp3|titles=Taken To Antrim|artists=Arliss Parker]

Handsome Like A Lion by Arliss Parker

DAG! Records [CDEP, 2008]

1. Fax Receives A Letter
2. Besos
3. Taken To Antrim
4. Oh My
5. She Smiles While She Sleeps
6. Our Favorite Films

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